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    Announcement丨 Shenzhen Meilinguan Area Urban Design International Consultation

    In order to promote the iterative development of Shenzhen Meilinguan pivot area, Shenzhen Meilinguan Area Urban Design International Consultation is officially launched to collect global intelligence and advanced ideas. Registration is now open to outstanding design institutions all over the world.

    Sponsor: Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Planning and Natural Resources, People’s Government of Longhua District, Shenzhen
    Organizer: Longhua Administration of Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Planning and Natural Resources

    01 項目概況 Project Overview
    The international consultation aims to gather global intelligence and draw the world’s advanced development experience. With the goal of building a core leading area of digital economy and a pioneer demonstration area of digital science and technology innovation in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area(GBA), it is advocated that an international perspective be relied on, forward-looking concepts be practiced, and innovative technologies be used to gather high-end talents and enterprises in digital economy and digital science and technology innovation. The ultimate objective is to create an integrated urban area demonstrating advanced city-managing concepts and unique vitality and lead the high-quality development and construction of the Area.

    1.1 區位概況 Location
    Located in the middle of Shenzhen-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Central Axis, Meilinguan Area is the core leading area for building Shenzhen into a “global digital pioneer city”. As the “south gate” of Longhua District, the Area enjoys advantageous natural resources and an influx of multiple rail transits (Metro Lines 4, 6, 22 and the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Central Axis Intercity Line). There remains a buildable area of about 1 k㎡.

    Strategic location map of Meilinguan Area

    1.2 設計范圍 Design scopes
    國際咨詢范圍共包含三個層次,即規劃研究范圍、城市設計范圍和樞紐核心區建筑概念設計范圍。The international consultation includes three scopes: the scope of planning research, the scope of urban design, and the scope of conceptual architecture design in the pivot core area.
    Scope of planning research: Yinhu Mountain to the east, Yulong Road to the west, Meilin Mountain and Yinhu Mountain to the south, and Minle Road to the north, covering a total area of 3.78 k㎡. Coordination shall also be considered with the surrounding areas such as Shenzhen North Railway Station, South China International Logistics Center, Minle Village, Meilin Mountain, Yinhu Mountain and Minzhi Reservoir.
    Scope of urban design: The boundary of Xinghe Dandi and Fengze Lake Villa to the east, Niuzui Reservoir to the west, Nanping Expressway to the south, Longhua Avenue, Xinqu Avenue and Jinlong Road to the north, covering a total area of 1.10 k㎡.
    Scope of conceptual architecture design in the pivot core area: Demarcated by participating institutions according to their urban design schemes. It is required that the interchange stations of four metro lines be included and that the coverage be no less than 20 hectares.

    Scopes of Meilinguan Area Urban Design International Consultation

    02 項目背景 Project Background
    In the context of the development strategy of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau GBA and Shenzhen-Hong Kong innovation cooperation, the strategic value of Meilinguan Area becomes increasingly highlighted with upgrading development goals.
    In June 2022, Shenzhen People’s Government affirmed the digital economic development of Longhua District and proposed expanding the scope to build a contiguous Digital Economy Core Zone.
    In August 2022, Industry and Information Technology Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality and People’s Government of Longhua District, Shenzhen signed a strategic cooperation agreement on jointly promoting the construction of Shenzhen Digital Economy Core Zones, defining the scope of Shenzhen Digital Economy Core Zones including Meilinguan Area.
    In February 2023, on the Meilinguan Area Development Conference, Shenzhen People’s Government clearly put forward the development goal of building Meilinguan Area into a “world-class Digital Economy Core Zone”.

    03 咨詢內容 Work Description
    3.1 規劃研究部分 Planning Research
    1) 片區功能策劃Regional function planning
    2) 片區公共空間及慢行體系研究Study on regional public space and slow traffic system
    3.2 城市設計部分 Urban Design
    1) 總體設計理念Overall design concept
    2) 三維功能布局3D functional layout
    3) 立體公共空間設計3D public space design
    4) 空間形態與風貌設計Spatial form and landscape design
    5) 綜合交通設計Comprehensive traffic design
    6) 分期實施策略Staged implementation strategy
    3.3 樞紐核心區建筑概念設計部分 Conceptual Architecture Design in the Pivot Core Area
    1) 建筑設計理念Architectural design concept
    2) 建筑功能業態策劃Architectural function and commercial planning
    3) 樞紐換乘流線設計Streamline design of pivot interchange
    4) 立體公共空間設計3D public space design
    5) 建筑形象設計Architectural image design
    6) 可實施的結構設計Implementable structure design

    04 報名要求 Registration Requirements
    4.1 本次國際咨詢采用全球公開報名的方式,不設資質要求。參賽單位須是國內外注冊的獨立法人或合伙制企業或其他組織。相互間有直接控股關系、管理關系或法定代表人為同一人的不同法人,不得同時報名參賽。母公司、全資子公司及其控股公司,不得同時報名參賽。
    4.1 The registration is open to worldwide candidates with no requirements on qualification. Interested participants must be independent legal entities or partnerships or other organizations registered in or outside China. Different legal persons that have direct controlling relationship or administrative relationship or whose legal representatives are identical shall not register for the competition at the same time. Parent companies, wholly-owned subsidiaries and their holding companies shall not register for the competition at the same time.
    4.2 允許參賽單位以聯合體形式報名參賽,聯合體成員不超過三家。以聯合體參賽的,聯合體各成員不得再單獨或以其他名義與其他參賽單位組成聯合體參與報名,聯合體各成員需簽署具有法律效力的《聯合體協議書》,并明確牽頭單位、各方工作分工等。
    4.2 Registration by a consortium comprising no more than three members is allowed. In that case, no member of a consortium shall be allowed to sign up twice either independently or by joining another consortium. All members of the consortium shall sign a legally-binding Consortium Agreement, and the leading member and work division among parties shall be specified.
    4.3 不接受個人或個人組合的報名。
    4.3 No registration shall be accepted in individual or in combination of individuals.
    4.4 中國境內參賽單位必須具有合法注冊并在有效期內的營業執照,且需具有獨立法人資格。
    4.4 Participants within the Chinese territory must hold a legally registered business license within its validity and be qualified as an independent legal entity.
    4.5 境外(含港澳臺地區)參賽單位需提供以下有效證明材料:1) 所在國(地區)政府主管部門核發的機構注冊登記證明(至少注冊成立一年,且有固定辦公地點);2) 所在國(地區)政府主管部門或者有關行業組織核發的設計許可證明(如有)。
    4.5 Participants beyond the Chinese border (incl. those based in Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR and Taiwan region) need to provide the following effective documents: 1. the business registration certificate issued by the competent authority of the corresponding country (region) (at least one year prior to the time of registration for this International Consultation and with a permanent office place); 2. the design license (if any) issued by the competent authority or relevant industrial organization of the corresponding country (region).
    4.6 熟悉中國國情并具有類似經驗的團隊將優先考慮:1) 具有豐富的城市大型樞紐地區的城市與建筑設計項目經驗;2)具有復雜的城市交通問題的研究能力與經驗;3) 具有環境營造及公共空間設計經驗。
    4.6 Priority shall be given to teams familiar with China’s national condition and with the following similar experience: 1) rich experience in urban and architectural design projects in large urban pivot areas; 2) ability and experience in researching complex urban traffic problems; 3) experience in environmental creation and public space design.
    4.7 參與本次國際咨詢的人員須為其所屬單位的在冊人員,項目負責人和主創(可為同一人)須由主持過同類型項目的人員擔任。
    4.7 Persons participating in this international consultation must be the ones enrolled in their organizations. The project leader and the chief (possibly identical) must be assumed by the person(s) who has/have presided over the same type of project.
    In order to ensure that the team members have an accurate understanding of the Chinese regional background and relevant requirements, there should be at least one person in the team who is proficient in Chinese.

    05 咨詢程序 Consulting Rules
    The international consultation is divided into three working stages: “registration and pre-qualification”, “scheme design” and “outcome review”.
    Registration and pre-qualification stage: A Pre-qualification Review Jury shall be established out of the sponsor and the organizer to comprehensively consider the corporate creditability, corporate performance, and team competence, and select 8 shortlisted teams through the pre-qualification stage (without ranking) and 3 alternative teams (with ranking) to enter the scheme design stage.
    Scheme design stage: The 8 shortlisted teams complete the scheme design as per the requirements of the International Consultation Design Brief and submit the complete achievements to the sponsor and the organizer.
    Outcome review stage: An Outcome Review Jury shall be established to select the top 3 of the 8 shortlisted teams and recommend them to the sponsor and the organizer. On the basis of fully respecting the expert review opinions, the Jury shall determine the ranking of the top 3 winners, and grant awards of corresponding amounts to each.

    06 日程安排 Agenda

    階段 Stage

    時間 Time

    事項 Subject

    Stage 1:
    Registration & Pre-qualification

    2023年3月27日 Mar. 27th, 2023

    Release the announcement and accept registrations

    4月2日 Apr. 2nd

    提疑截止Deadline for Questions

    4月4日 Apr. 4th

    Written Q&A and Addendum Release(if any)

    4月7日15:00前 By 15:00 Apr.7th

    Deadline for submission of pre-qualification application

    4月10日-15日 Apr.10th - 15th

    Pre-qualification review and result announcement

    Stage 2:
    Scheme design

    4月17日(暫定)Apr.17th (provisional)

    Spot survey Q&A sessions

    5月10日 May 10th

    Interim communication sessions

    6月14日 Jun.14th

    提交正式成果文件Deadline for final submissions

    Stage 3:
    Outcome review

    6月15日-7月15日 Jun.15th – Jul. 15th

    Outcome review and result announcement

    Notes: The above agenda is subject to Beijing Time and the sponsor and the organizer reserve the right to adjust the schedule as appropriate.

    07 咨詢獎金 Awards

    Relevant awards for the International Consultation shall be paid in CNY as a tax-included amount. Any taxes arising therefrom shall be at the payee’s expense.
    Winning prize (one): Receive a bonus of ¥3,800,000.00 and an integration deepening fee of ¥1,000,000.00, totaling¥4,800,000.00; (The winner must integrate and deepen the design schemes with another team commissioned by the sponsor and the organizer. For specific division of labor, please refer to the Work Rules.)
    Preferred prizes (two): ¥3,000,000.00 each, hence a total of ¥6,000,000.00;
    Finalist Awards (five): ¥1,200,000.00 each, hence a total of ¥6,000,000.00.

    08 咨詢文件獲取 File Acquisition Method

    Intended participants must fill in the Entry Form and the Commitment Letter for Confidentiality and submit them to the mailbox (MLG-UD@szrjrx.com) to obtain the International Consultation Documents (including Work Rules, Design Brief, etc.). The participants in the pre-qualification application documents submitted shall be the same as those in the Entry Form. For any newly added participant, an additional Commitment Letter for Confidentiality shall be submitted. (Click “read the original text” to download the Entry Form and the Commitment Letter for Confidentiality)

    09 文件提交 Submission
    (1) The complete hard copy shall be submitted (on site or by mail) to NO.1212, 12F, Block B, Xintian Century Business Center, Futian District, Shenzhen (contact person: Ms. Li at 13632658134) before 15:00, April. 7th, 2023 (Beijing time).
    (2) The Letter of Attorney (for on-site submission) (Refer to the Work Rules in Appendix for formats) shall be sent to the project email address (MLG-UD@szrjrx.com) before the aforementioned deadline. The authorized agent shall bring this Letter of Attorney and ID card to finish an on-site submission of the pre-qualification application documents.
    (3) The hard copy documents received on-site at the designated location shall prevail, and no overdue submitted application documents shall be accepted.

    10 聯系咨詢 Contact
    Commercial part: Ms. Li, (+86)13632658134, Technical part: Ms. Pan, (+86)13049494641(9:00 – 12:00, 14:00 – 18:00 Beijing time, Monday to Friday)
    The sponsor and the organizer reserve the ultimate right to interpret the rules of this International Consultation. If the Chinese and English editions disagree, the Chinese edition shall prevail.

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